A Moment for Reflection

Robert Koga

Sunday, February 15, would have been Robert Koga's birthday. For us at the Koga Institute, as well as for colleagues, instructors, students, and friends around the world, this will be a day of both sadness and joy.

We are grateful and appreciative for the time we were able to spend with Sensei Koga, learning from his wisdom, skills, and knowledge while enjoying his warmth and humor. He gave us gifts of both body and spirit that we will forever treasure.

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Dymondwood Batons Due to the fact that the manufacturer of our batons has raised the price of each baton by 25%, we find it necessary to pass that percentage on to our buyers.

This new price will include a grommet and will be
effective immediately 9/16/14.

  • 1 1/4" 26" & 29" $60.00
  • 1 1/8 26 & 29" 55.00
  • Riot batons 1 1/8" diam. 80.00

Shipping and tax will be additional.

Please note: We will have to strictly adhere to replacement warranty by claims being supported with a redacted police report, stating how the baton was broken and return of the broken baton or at the very least a picture of it.

Remembering Kevin George:
09/16/1946 – 05/04/2014

The first Canadian Instructor for the Koga Institute.

Kevin George Kevin began his training with Bob Koga as a representative of the Correctional Services Canadian Edmonton Staff College, in the early 1970's which was even before the Institute was founded. Kevin with the support of the Director of the Edmonton Staff College was able to host a number of courses at the College that Bob taught over the next several years and they became great friends. These courses were attended by officers from numerous agencies in Canada including Corrections Canada, Edmonton PO, Calgary PO, Royal Canadian Mounted Police plus numerous smaller agencies in Police services and security services including Butch Snider of Ontario #2 instructor in Canada.
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ROBERT KOGA Challenge Coin

SD-1 SD-2 DVD This special coin proved to be a most sought after memento at Sensei Koga’s Memorial. It is a 1 1/2″ coin, with the tri-colors of the Koga Crest – KOGA JUTSU at the top & NO GIVE UP on the bottom. The reverse bears the image of Sensei Koga, with his name in bold along with the dates of his birth and passing. It is a beautiful tribute to the man and his art.

Each coin is encased in a clear plastic sleeve.

COST: $10.00 each.

All payments should be made in care of the Koga Institute.

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The Memorial Video for Sensei Bob Koga has been uploaded.

PASSWORD: irvinepdkoga39

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