Self Defense – 1 (SD-1) Class

Sd-1 Sd-2
Self Defense – 1 (SD-1) Class

San Jose California – Scottish Rite Temple

February 26, 2017 – 1pm to 5pm

The SD-1 & SD-2 are useful weapons made of nylon and can be used as an impact weapon and as a tool for added pressure on sensitive nerve points. The basic concepts and principles are based upon the ancient fighting art of Yawara.

Training Includes:

    • Proper Grip
    • Target Areas
    • Defenses Against Right & Left Punches
    • Front & Rear Bear Hugs
    • Escapes From:
      1. Front & Rear Chokes -Standing
      2. Rear Choke – Seated
      3. Front Chokes – On Your Back
      4. Arm Grabs

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Dear Friends,


At the time Bob was sick with mesothelioma, friends and family sent Bob and me gifts of money thinking we would need it for doctors and hospital bills. As it turned out, our two insurances covered nearly everything.

I used some of the money for his memorial service, and I have had much of it left over since his passing. It has been sitting in a bank account until recently when our family has decided to donate it to a non-profit group called “Reins”.

Reins is a therapeutic horsemanship program in Fallbrook, CA, providing therapy on horseback to children and adults with both mental and physical disabilities.
With Bob’s love of horses, we thought this would make him very happy.

We thank all of you for your very generous gifts.

Susan & family

If any of you are interested in learning more about this organization, here is the link to their web site.


A Moment for Reflection

Robert Koga

Sunday, February 15, would have been Robert Koga’s birthday. For us at the Koga Institute, as well as for colleagues, instructors, students, and friends around the world, this will be a day of both sadness and joy.

We are grateful and appreciative for the time we were able to spend with Sensei Koga, learning from his wisdom, skills, and knowledge while enjoying his warmth and humor. He gave us gifts of both body and spirit that we will forever treasure.

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