The Koga Institute

The Koga Institute is a Non Profit Educational Corporation, incorporated in California in 1973. Its purpose is to provide law enforcement, detention and correction officers and private security with the proper tools, including techniques, tactics and philosophy, to perform their jobs in a safe and efficient manner while maintaining the high standards expected of those professions by modern society.

The Koga Institute does not only provide training to officers, it also trains those officers who desire to become instructors of the Method in their own right.

The training is intensive and rigid. High standards are maintained and testing requirements are tough. Passing a Koga test, requiring both a demonstration of physical skills as well as a written test, is an achievement in itself, ensuring that only those who are truly qualified are allowed to instruct in the Koga Method. A department receiving certified Koga training can be assured that they are receiving the best training available.

The Koga Institute provides training in a variety of ways. A department can contract with the Institute to provide the training directly to their department. The Institute will then either train the entire department or train a cadre of instructors who can then provide training to the rest of the department. Alternately, officers can attend an open Koga class, which are held all across the United States, as well as in Canada and Mexico, and become instructors. Check the calendar to find scheduled classes in your area or contact the Institute to sponsor a local class or contract for agency training.